Our Mission

What we do

The Leuva Patidar Samaj of London was originally set up as a small club, to support and foster a community spirit amongst the 458 families living in London and originating from the Surat, Navsari and Valsad districts of the state of Gujarat, India. Whilst initially the organisation was intended to provide relief from poverty for those attempting to establish their families in England having newly immigrated from India, the community in England has now progressed to the stage where we are beginning to expand and re-shape our founding values given the nature of integration our families have now achieved.

We arrange and run numerous events throughout the year on key dates of both the Hindu and Christian calendars in order to educate the young within our community as to our values and our history, but also of the values of the British society into which we have now immersed ourselves. These events also provide a social platform for the elder generations, enabling them to keep in touch and spend quality time together.

We also donate a proportion of our fundraising income to particularly needy areas of Gujarat on an annual basis as a means of giving back to the communities from which we originate. Our key current project is providing basic renovation works to Bardoli Community School in Navsari, including the provision of a new roof and children’s toilets.

Our mission

We believe that the Leuva Patidar Samaj now provides an important role in fostering and maintaining the core family values upon which the Hindu religion is based amongst the people of our community in London. We also believe that it is more important than ever to try and promote face-to-face contact amongst families in an age where electronic communication has become the norm, particularly as it is only through sharing and discussing our problems and issues that we believe they can be suitably resolved.

We have also begun to expand our services to suit the changing socioeconomic climate, and recently we launched a careers fair for those completing their education and soon to enter the challenging world of work, not least of all as the number of jobs currently available are not as plentiful as in previous years.

Consequently, given the nature of the charitable services we provide to both British families previously from Gujarat and those currently in poor areas in India, we believe we are making positive changes to the wider global community, and are a charity capable of making further beneficial steps were we to have greater financial backing.